Saturday, April 06, 2024

I Am Not Going To Call The Owl a Racist,

 But personally, I suspect a lot of the criticism of VP Harris to be racist.  Particularly, when it's about trivial shit.  Particularly, when also about her cognitive ability, fitness for office.  All that shit.

The Owl.  Who's functioning I find to be extremely eccentric as a default, and flat out bewildering, time and again?  She has chosen to jump on the bandwagon of people giving Harris shit about some likely mostly ad lib remarks about women's college basketball.

Now to be fair.  I do not consider VP Harris to be at her best ad libbing.  But the racist assholes accusing her of word salad or worse are just shit talking her for their own amusement or what not.  VP Harris seems to just come across as a regular person, thinking out loud, when she talks off script.

Thinking out loud is not the same a working a script, people!

She is an experienced lawyer.  And she was a killer in the senate hearing rooms.  When she is all prepped she is a force to be reckoned with.  But in ordinary discourse?  She comes across like ordinary people.  Bright ordinary people, yea.  But she does not seem to have the rare gift of blarney.

She doesn't seem to have that ability that Obama and Bill Clinton had, with just talking and communicating very well to people off the cuff.   Most people don't. But hey.  I have an earned degree in Theatre.  I used to do improv exercises.  Most people never have.  Oh.  And the kind of legal and professional career I had, threw me into situations where I had to adapt and improvise.  Such as when I was a lobbyist. Some days I got to stick to my script.  Some days, I literally did speed lobbying. Which is  having a prepare elevator pitch, but being prepped for any of a number of questions about the bill at issue.  Or other stuff the legislators could ask.  

Oh.  But none of that is the real point.  That is.  VP Harris' sport is tennis, not basketball.  You fucking haters!

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