Saturday, February 24, 2024

Why You Should Call MAGA Morons American Nazis, Without Guilt!


"Remember. Most Nazis were not personally murderers. They were just complicit in millions and millions of murders."

That was the last line of the post I put up on my FB wall this morning. It wasn't the first time I went there. And even people I respect disagree with me on the description. Rachel Maddow went on record a few weeks ago, arguing that calling them Nazis doesn't help. I beg to differ. Above you can see the last prong on my argument why we should call them American Nazis? The image here is what triggered me to go there, this morning. And the article I took the screen cap from was a second page search return for my googling, "What kind of person finds trump funny?"

So here below is the rest of my argument. But spoiler alert. It comes down to the nature of the people, their world view, more than actually having committed mass murder. Being a Nazi is a frame of mind. Addendum.


"They are American Nazis.

And when I say that, I am not saying each and every American Nazi wants to put on a uniform and join either the Waffen SS (crack military units who engaged in war crimes now and then,) or the SS-Totenkopfverbände; the monsters who ran the death camps.
Although some have those kinds of sick fantasies, I am certain.
When I say they are Nazis I mean, they are like the millions of mean, stupid, bigoted people who helped put the Nazis in office by voting for the Nazi party, and joining the party. And for continuing to support the party and regime. Even if they personally never slaughtered French citizens during the retreat, or rounded up, guarded, and or killed anyone in any death camp, or other barbaric acts."

Addendum. Did not go here on FB. I need to spend some time coming up with a better term for "The Collaborators." People like the OWL, who while not being part of the MAGA moron horde, still go out of their way to give aid and comfort to bozo, and the like.

Stooge seems harsh. Because no one wants to be called one. but the definition fits, for anyone so badly mentally disabled they are sympathetic to American Nazis, even if not one, themselves.

  1. 1.
    a person who serves merely to support or assist others, particularly in doing unpleasant work.
    "he seems more like a stooge than a master criminal"

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