Thursday, February 08, 2024

The Fix is in? Maybe?

 More re the troubling SCOTUS hearing, on the Colorado ballot matter.

Now I post about this more on my FB wall.  But I must have posted here, more than once, that I believe the Federal courts (more than even the state courts) are so greatly corrupt, that I find them to be that.

SCOTUS is the worst offender.  Because the justices are the ultimate unsupervised players in the system.  I will get to that later, in context.  But first, let me say I predicted weeks ago, that SCOTUS was going to side with bozo on the disqualification case, but against him on immunity.  Some legal analysts  are saying they may have basically decided that already?  And well?  I can see that. There will be a post hearing conference on how they decide today's case.  But they can communicate with out being in the same room.  I am not swearing on the idea of a fix, though.  Seems to me  the immunity case is the weaker argument.  And they don't have to do more than just not grant the hearing.  Oh.  at least one person is suggesting  both actions could happen at  or near the same time.  So we shall see.

I won't go much longer.  But as evidence of corruption, consider the following.  One or more of the SCOTUS judges were too focused on what was only a possible outcome, instead of doing what they should have.  Focusing on the issue before them.

Few things say I am doing the job of being judge/justice wrong, like focusing on the result you don't want.  Focusing on the result you do want, is merely equally wrong.  And there is no judicial authority over them.

Well at least we might get a flaming dissent from Tia Sotomayor.

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