Thursday, August 31, 2023

I Am Not Saying The OWL is Cheering On Nazis

 But Ann Alehouse is cheering on bozo's campaign use of flat out Nazi propaganda tactics.

As a first matter, any comparison equating past democratic party members' complaints about elections to the putsch (I don't call it an insurrection?) It's so far past exaggeration or argument it is a flat out lie.  However, in a new ad, bozo's team is calling that previous Democrats' election complaining "violent."

And the OWL said on her blog that she liked the trick.

Didn't that one Nazi say something about going with the lie, and repeating it so often the fact it is a lie gets lost.  People just remember the lie?

And that is what the OWL is supporting;  use of Nazi style, deliberately lie telling.

It's vile and nasty if you ask me.  



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