Friday, March 10, 2023

Substack is Trash. My Opinion because

 like so much of the interwebnetubes, it promotes the idea every one's opinion is worth shit.  Hell.  Often is the case that even smart fuckers are publishing slipshod, cany assed bullshit.

For example, why would a fairly well known psychologist publish some "findings" on his substack, instead of a peer reviewed journal?  Cause no pesky oversight, perhaps?

To explain.  Old white lady posted about  Jonathan Haidt's recent substack, where he mashes up a few studies, and comes to his own, very much not looking like scientific, conclusion on the higher numbers of selfreporting depression among liberal girls than specifically  conservative girls?

Beyond the fact that he did no actual research himself,  this. . . not looking like scientific piece is just his thoughts on other people's work.  And only briefly mentioning,  the lack of indicia of good metholology on his sources, he pretty much is engaging in . . .  if not the total exact opposite of a duble blind study?  It's in that realm.  His "work is neither blind or scientific.   It's what we lawyers call ipse dixit logic.  The validity of the argument is only based on "cause I say so."  

In other words, weak assed shit.

Two more points re this published thing.  Conservatives lie.  When they say they are happy we should not trust them.  We are living as of this day, week, in the most public, Emperor has no clothes, moment.  Fox News has been caught in such a web of lies  I call it a Russian Nesting Doll of lies.

And lastly, perhaps more importantly.  The current conservative movement/GOP is based on grievance and victimhood.  Ya really think people who believe brown skinned people are invading the country to take away jobs and all they hold dear, from good white people are not depressed?  If you want to make an argument that being enraged all the fucking time leads to higher serotonin levels, go ahead.  Conservatives are a veritable cocktail of mental infirmity.  And they lie.

I'm notso much depressed, because the world, the nation is so badly run by dishonest people.  Maybe a little, but what I really feel is disgust.  But I never liked people all that much.  Since a kid,I have wished to break free of humanity and become a dolphin.  Yea.  But you can't avoid nasty humans as a dolphin.  Fishing boats.  Illegal nets.  Pollution.  We are stuck here as humans no matter what.

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