Monday, February 27, 2023

No. The Old White Lady Clearly Does Not Get It.

 Ann Althouse, and I stop short of accusing her of more than that.  But for the fact she just happens to be Queen Bee of a Blog where white supremacists routinely spew the most vile racist shit.  And leaves that shit up.  Making it a safe space for white supremacists.

Anyway. She jumped on the Scott Adams goes on a  racist rant story. Which is morphing into the South African Blanco agrees with that racist rant, some what if not greatly, story.

She doesn't see Adams or Musk or her white supremacist spewing motherfucking trailer trash fan boys as terrible.

She does consider the flaming of Musk to be terrible.

Let me take a pic of that sick, twisted,white supremacist enabling bullshit.


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