Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Dishonest Motherfucking Republicans.

Read this garbage argument on Newsweek:


Who Is the Intolerant Jerk?

The (JMO) jerk who wrote the article lays out, eventually, three hypothetical scenarios to make some insane point about intolerance on the left.

There is not a groundswell of Democrats trying to make anyone do anything they really don't like, as in those scenarios, save the last one.  And that is the idiocy regarding not using people's preferred pronouns.  Anyway, here is how I would have answered him on the site, if I were up for registering, and dealing with people.  But I wasn't.

Putting aside the calling someone a bigot part. In America:

The religious institution is free to limit its services and real estate to members.

The kind of artist who takes commission works is free to choose who to work for. It's not even a matter of conscience. It's a mere function of status as an independent contractor who does work for hire, as opposed to being a merchant selling goods and services to the street or internet traffic, and being subject to the laws regarding enganging in business in that manner. The writer tries to be cute and sets the scenario as the artist runs his own gallery?    Hmmm.  Not how real artitst make thie money.   I call bulshit!

And the pronoun example? It's not even asking someone to learn a new word, Like those of us of a cerain age had to learn Ms. And that wasn't asking too much of people, actually.



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