Thursday, September 15, 2022

Intent Matters!


Here is Ann Althouse, sort of siding with hateful, selfish, human dignity disprespeting Gov. Ron DeSantis.  As a quick sidebar.  If one sort of sides with hateful, selfish, human dignity disprespeting people and actions, does that mean one is in fact hateful, selfish, human dignity disprespeting people?  If you grade as hard as I do  the anser is an unequivacable, fuck yeah.

Firstly, my open question is, once an agent of the state government gets invloved, isn't there some greater duty of care called for than is being met here?  Humanitarianism, if not state and federal law, demans that!

Next, they are not coordinating with the relocation locations.  Intent matters, and that failure is evidence of bad faith.  What they are doing reminds me of this old game in my home town where the cops would pick up the local wino, and bring him across the town line, and try to make the wino someone else's problem.

Lastly, and as expected, the transportees are being lied to.  Just heard the specific charge that they are being told there will be not only basic services, but fast track to work authorization, if they take the trip.

I would never want to be associated with this kind of cruelty.  

Yo! Althouse!  The harm is to the transportees!  Are you that much of a Republican now that treating human beings like they are human beings is entirely dependent on how much they are like you, and members of your sociopolitical tribe?

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