Friday, September 09, 2022

I Don't Criticize Her For Still Posting TikToks

 Well.  No more than any other day.  It's her way of letting the world judge her for doing her.  You do you.  And shit.

But I do fault her for on the one hand seeing that it might be too somber an occasion with Good Queen Bess passing.  And what of that for America?  If you care for British monarchy, that is not an obligation of American citizenship.  Again, it's in the you do you, category.

Her fuck up is raising the issue, and then basically taking a fuck that shit attitude, and posting her chosen, trivial short vids.

Compare that to my original take.  With no disrespect in my heart, I had a powerful urge to listen to the Sex Pistols song, "God Save The Queen." Which HRH had good naturedly referenced during her recent anniversary.  But I did not post the vid to my FB wall.  I mentioned it.  But I acknowledged those of my people who were feeling sentimental and genuinely mourning, and did not post the song.

You do you is a not bad way to go through life.  Be honest with yourself and others.  And don't be bullshit.  Just because the world is not coming down on you like a monsoon, doesn't mean the world did not see you being bullshit, and judged you accordingly.

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