Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Not a Political Scientist, or Even Former Hack

 Ann Althouse posts about what Glen Greenwald, also not a political scientist has to say about politics.

Correction to what I said yesterday about her being attracted to shiny things.  She can be distracted by dull, witless shit too.

Re Greenwald?   I don't consider him a serious journalist. I grade hard on that shit.  To me he is a (on paper) smart enough lawyer who got famous not because of what he did, but who his client was.  And he got on the TV  and liked fame.  And he has not been a lawyer for some time now.

I am all stuck on the idea of pseudo intellectuals  lately.  I would not call him that, but . . . 

He has the same core affliction.  He is desperate to be taken seriously.  Pathetic!  Beyond that, I don't really know what is his damage? 

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