Saturday, May 28, 2022

Leave it to Ann Althouse to get shit all the fuck wrong.

 I am not saying some stupid people don't think the way her comment suggests.  But her take on the failure the cops to rush that school to try and rescue those kids and teachers?  Fucking dumb, in the sense of coming to the wrong assed conclusion.  Here is what she says:

"ADDED: If the police don't arrive and save us from violence, how can this event support the argument for restricting guns? This is the very situation that makes the most responsible people want to own guns. It reminds me of the summer of 2020, when there were riots, and the police stood down."

I have talked before about how insufficiently trained the average cop in America is for their average day.  But in some extreme hell of a day, going after someone armed with an AR-15?

Consider the real likely reason the cops did not rush in. They did not like the odds.

An AR-15 is a perfect killing machine from a distance of way over 100 yards. And a pistol,  except in the hands of a well practiced marksman?

Let me put up a quote from some gun guy's website:  His point:

"I will offer a word of advice, if your threat is beyond 25 yards, and you have a rifle nearby......go for the rifle

🙂 "

His point is strictly on the mechanics.  I am always thinking of competencies.  So the solution is not pass out pistols to school faculty and staff.  The solution is get the military style rifles off the market, and away from citizens.

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