Saturday, May 21, 2022

"I don't want to call you a dummy, but . . ."

 Said my contracts professor to my one, hapless classmate.  On to Ann Althouse.

She was remarking about the sexual harassment claim about muskrat.  Which he telegraphed the day before it hit the fan, by proclaiming himself a born again republican, and suspiciously predicted people would come after him.

"Of course, if the allegations are true, that's very bad. But what I'd like to know is how many men are inhibited from coming out as conservative — or just anti-Democrat — because they know there are or could be allegations like this held in reserve. How much control is achieved by this method of only going after political enemies? We can't get all the allegations out, because some men are protected, protected by their own political pretense."

First things first.  Liberal, Democrat men have been taken down by metoo/sex scandals.  So her premise is moronic. Secondly  serious conservatives/democrat haters get lots of cover from others of that degenerate ilk.  So not only that but it seems to me  muskrat was deliberately pledging the frat before the bad news he I am sure knew was about to drop, dropped.

Lastly, the real interesting question.  The one that actually fucking matters  from anything close to a rational, sociological and just general POV.  

How the fuck many men from any and all points on the political compass are just hoping shit they have actually done never gets out?   And the answer to that is the very scientific measure, a motherfucking shit load.  

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