Friday, November 19, 2021

You Don't Need a PhD in Something, to Understand This Anti CRT/Wokeness Bullshit


White people who think they are special because of whiteness knows that is a crock of shit.  But that is how America was founded.  On top of a big, fat racist lie.  That is the real origin story, Not the myth.  

And they are frightened about the prospect of the the remaining social status enhancement of being white in America, to be forever revoked.

Sometimes shit is really that simple.  Don't pay attention to what people say.  Just apply Occam's Razor, and the answer will be apparent.  Lots of people will hold on to ill gotten gains  and undeserved property with all the tenacity of people who have earned, it, busted their asses for it.  And even bled for it.  Think of all the fiction based on gangsters and crooks.  Then think of what we really know  about rea gangsters and crooks.  Yeah.  People really are that basic, and selfish, and greedy.

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