Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Son of Shit I Can't Post on FB.

 So my friend who I posted about here a couple times?  He closed his FB wall for a week or few.  And he went gonzo with settings and shit when he came back.  He either hid or deleted any contrary post on every thread going back a couple months.  And he managed to dump his older posts.

So I can either think he lost his shit, or?  I can think I finally got through to him.  I told him over and over that some of that shit he was posting could get him in trouble with the law.  And he is a lawyer too.  I should not have had to remind him.  However, he has never practiced crim. law.  He was a little blind in that regard.

So good luck friend.  And I hope he stays away from any anti government hating boogie bois.  I told him,  I am not going to rep him if he gets arrested with that lot.  Joking about revolution can get you in trouble when the revolution fails.  Dontcha know?

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