Friday, April 26, 2019

About that Charlottesville Hoax Hoax?

Fuck Bobby Lee.
I feel it fair to say that because he was the epitome of a white supremacist, namely, a slave owner, who was a mass murderer for the cause of slavery. He is the God of Race Based, White on Black Slavery.
Now our racist POTUS today made some insane remarks about how that event in Charlottesville, that was organized by and for white supremacists, was not organized by and for white supremacists, as has been well documented. But he argued it was for support of the God of Race Based, White on Black Slavery; Bobby Lee. Well if it was like that, instead of organized by and for white supremacists, you still have a task as hard as Diogones' quest for an honest man in Athens to find very fine people on the other side of the anti-racists, and anti-Confederates.
But the Unite the Right rally was actually organized by and for white supremacists. Bobby Lee is a red herring, and not really a helpful defense for Bozo’s fine people on both sides, racist lie.

How gullible and vapid does one have to be to buy into either the Myth of Bobby Lee, or the Myth About Who Organized the Unite The Right rally, and what it was about?  Some people will believe any comfortable bullshit, that confirms their bias.

After all, we can't let one group of perfectly respectable racists, people who love the Slavery Loving Confederacy, be defamed by association with another group of much less respectable racists; generic white supremacists. That would be so very unfair!

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