Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Just Where I Am Starting, Today . . .

I could go off on a mini rant about how it is that some GOPers  get it, that they are monsters, but how some are totally fucking clueless about how monstrous they in fact are.   Come to think of it, that was my intention.  So here goes. 
Compare  Ann Coulter with this week's winner for most humanity-hating remark, Andrea Tantaros.  Now everyone knows that Coulter knows what an evil bitch from hell she is.  She takes pride in her evil.  But then there is Tantaros, who this week  made a remark about how being on Food Stamps would be a great way for her to lose weight.  I honestly think she does not get how monstrous that line is, and how that makes her a monster.
And that is the real question.  How could she NOT know?
Anyway, now that we do not have to worry about the stark raving terror of a monstrous Romney administration, we can get back to wondering about the broken minds, and twisted black hearts of the GOPers.  Maybe, if we are lucky, there will be a pill for that, by 2016.  Otherwise we will have to go through this "Fight The Monsters," ritual  all over again.  The GOP.  They are like some Hollywood horror movie monsters.  Just when you think they are good and dead, they pop back up, with the screaming, and the yelling,  and the breaking of things,  and the terrorizing of the countryside.  Make that  country.
Why can't we just vanquish them once and for all?  Now that would be something I would give great thanks  for.


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