Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TakeThat! Racist Republicans.

Remember how some GOPers all of a sudden decided to discard the usual American "One Drop" rule of being black? Being just a little black was enough for one to be placed in the ranks as black.  But with P. Obama's white momma, some GOPers  engaged in some cynical racism.  Some started calling him half  -  one or the other.  They wanted to dissociate him from we the Peoples.  Some drilled down deeper and argued that his lack of traditional African American blood made him less black.

But lo and behold, P. Obama's got some black slave in him.  From his momma's side.

Go Here.

I guess the GOP racists who sang those stupid songs need to get a new one.  Join up with those other racists == the birthers, or the socialisters.  Doesn't matter what non job related crank they yank.  If the crank is not related to job performance, it's likely racist.  I am not feeding that trope about how criticizing him any way is racist.  But the further away one gets from how he does the job, the more trivial  the complaint, at least.  And at worse, more likely racist.

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