Monday, July 23, 2012

Concern Trolling At It's Worst.

With all the hand wringing, and wailing about "“politicizing” the Aurora Masacree, I find my self wanting to not only call bullshit, but scream that word in the faces of concern trolls, with such force it melts their fucking faces off.

Given the definition of politics and or political, and given the fact we talking about something that more than anything else is a matter of social and governmental interest, we really should be having certain discussions.  Such as, discussions about policy and gun control, and how lousy a job we do as a society at identifying such threats.  And yes, as well we can and should have discussions about individual and group enablers of ultra violence.  How soon is too soon is the wrong fucking question.  Because as happened the time before, and the time before that, we are way behind.  We are no where near too soon.  We are way too late.  Actually.



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