Thursday, January 07, 2010

GOP Pundits and Hosts. It's Like a 6th Grade Boys' Gross Out Contest.

Ann Coulter Talks Anus Bombs And Foreskins

It must be the end of days. Bring on the “rapture” because Ann Coulter and the ACLU are on the same page regarding airport body scans. Like the ACLU, she’s concerned about the intrusiveness of the process; but her concerns go even further than civil liberties. On Tuesday night’s “The Factor” Coulter discussed the issue with Bill O’Reilly. Girlfriend must be into some – ah – serious spy porno because she talked about how foreskins and anuses could be turned into weapons of mass destruction. Oh, don’t you love when Ann talks dirty.

Ann's Just One of the Boys.

Ok. I am being lazy, sort of. But ya know. We are not even one full week into 2010, and this is where the GOP Pundits and Talking Heads are starting?

Fuck a duck. Foreskin be dammned!
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