Monday, December 15, 2008

We Can Call This a Working, Tentative Quickie. I Reserve the Right to Add to it, in Advance.

First idea and topic of the day.

How scumbaggy were the scumbag Republicans who thwarted the Auto Industry Bridge Loan (and in the case of the Southern, Right To Work for less money at foreigner owned and operated factories -- in other words, every bit as corrupt as Blago, Republicans?)

Even no less reputable a Republican (by Republican standards, at least) as Bill Kristol fundamentally disagrees with their stand, or is at least willing to call bullshit on them.

Last week, Senate Republicans picked a fight with the U.A.W. on union pay scales — despite the fact that it’s the legacy benefits for retirees, not pay for current workers, that’s really hurting Detroit, and despite the additional fact that, in any case, labor amounts to only about 10 percent of the cost of a car. But the Republicans were fighting Big Labor!

Disdain for Detroit.

Hey. Ya'll know I like to highlight it, whenever a Republican gets something right. And that usually coincides with calling bullshit on some other GOPers, if not repudiating some of the more hateful and bigoted things that come out of the GOPs various factions.

Second Item and Issue of the day. Palin is in the news again (even if she isn't really.)

Now, I have read some of the sychophantic, co-dependent, generally-dysfunctional, and otherwise non compos mentis remarks criticizing Sen. McCain for not swearing that he would support Succubus Sarah in her as-yet unannounced run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. And today, in a rare happening (and I confess I was more interested in checking out Gretchen's gams live, on my 32" tv for a change) I was watching FOX & Friends. Naturally Gretchen was more aghast that Sen. McCain was not swearing a blood oath in support of Succubus Sarah, but the dudes were mostly also (feigning) expressing suprise. However, Brian Kilmeade pointed out that Al Gore did not support Lieberman after their ticket lost, so it is not all by itself rare for ex ticket mates to not take a "Till death do we part," vow.

But now to the analysis of this very witless pro Succubus Sarah, head up one's own ass sort of bigoted thinking. (And I am not saying the following just to be mean to Palinbots; this is fact time kids.)

* She is not in any race for any office yet.
* She could be arrested, indicted or convicted of various crimes in the next two years.
* She could go down in flames in scandal.
* She could not run.
* And ya know? As cynical as McCain's selection of her was, if either owes the other any thing, she owes him. 4 months ago she was Virturally Unknown out of Alaska, Caribou Barbie. Now she is (for better or worse) Internationally Known Caribou Barbie.

So much for bullet points. And I am not going repeat any of the many criticisms I have against that horrid woman, but I do have a bit of reality, a virtural wet blanket for those who ignore her negatives and think of her as the leader for the 2012 race.

Remember people. You are the Republican Party. All your alleged ideology and faux values and hypocritical protestations of moral superiority are delusions as the core idea of the Republican party is Play Dirty. Be an asshole. Be a scumbag, if that is what it takes to get ahead. And keeping that in mind, know and fear the following:

Succubus Sarah has never run in the national GOP primary. No matter how unfair, no matter how hard you think she was treated by the mean old Main Stream Media and the partisan Left Wing, all that is going to pale in comparison to the savage rape she will get from several other GOP contenders for the nomination.

As the old line goes: Ya Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.


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