Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sorry Dennis. You are Years Late, With Articles of Impeachment Against Plastic Turkey Man. Instead, Let's Put His Lying Ass in the Dock for Murder.

Prosecute Bush for Murder

Ya. now that would be justice. Imagine Bush (and his crew) having to answer
more than 4000 indictments for murder, for just the American fatalities?

As I learned in Law School, justice is a PROCESS not a RESULT. So, for Plastic Turkey Man to be brought into and be bound under the system of justice, for the system of justice that is at heart of our ordered system of liberty and morality to be respected, he should be indicted for murder.

Again, I can get on that bandwagon.

I think that no matter the outcome, we will live in a far better, more ethical and moral nation, with more moral governance, if whoever sits in the Oval Office, hereafter, has to think:

"If I lie about the reasons for sending Americans to a greater risk of death, it is my ass on the line too," and I mean not just their reputation, but actual asses.

Ya. I want to live in that country, instead of the one I live in now.

I swear to that.


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