Friday, June 20, 2008

Remember What I Said About How Racists (These Days, Many of Them) Hate Being Called Racist?

Ok. Now I just watched a vid of this chick being interviewed on Fox (not) News. She is head of a ExHillary Supporters for McCain Group.

Insane, that, but not my point (she actually said "we will not tow the party line . . ." Whatever, crazy.)

Here is my point.

She was whining about being called a racist on blogs all over the internet. She was all upset about being called a racist. Did I mention she was particularly miffed at having the label of racist hurled in her specific direction?

Here is where irony meets comedy.

This chick, who did not like being labeled a racist?

High-Level McCain Volunteer Worked To Keep Blacks Out Of Jefferson Group

By Eric Kleefeld - June 16, 2008, 11:29AM

It looks like John McCain could have another controversial campaign associate on his hands. This time it comes in the form of Paula Abeles, a former Clinton-backer who has now taken a lead in organizing support for McCain among women voters.

One problem, as Ben Smith
has discovered: Abeles previously attained notoriety in 2003 as part of her husband's association of Thomas Jefferson descendants, working hard to keep out any of Sally Hemmings' African-American descendants. When it was discovered that she'd used a fake Internet identity to undermine the efforts of Jefferson's alleged black descendants, she said it was necessary to make sure the family reunion was "a calm and civilized gathering."

Delusional Racist Supports McCain

Yea. Keeping the black relatives away from the family picnic is about as racist as you can get, without committing a felony.

But ya know? This chick should have known better, and stayed out of the limelight. More ironic comedy; in that video I saw, she actually was (with a straight, even if narcissistic, sociopathic face) talking about how one must speak out at such times.

Ya, lady. You got your mug on TV to vent about being cruelly called a racist, and as a result of that, your own history of racism is now known, all over the internet and all over the world.

Excellent choice, that speaking out stuff!


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