Sunday, June 08, 2008

An Answer to the Question, Why Are the Unfunny Morons on the Internet Not Funny?

Well to start, yes, there are funny morons; there are morons who are so clueless that they are funny in that schadenfreude-ish, we are laughing at you, not with you, sort of pathetic funny.

However, I am not talking about those folk. I am talking about the immature morons, who likely can hold down a job, get married, raise kids, all that, but suffer from a severe case of infantilism, and the delusion that they are funny when they act like children. YES. There are some folk who actually do find these morons as funny. And there were people who paid cash money to see Pauley Shore movies too. Thing is, the majority of sane normal people do not find adults acting like children to be terribly funny. That is my rant. Now to the other testimony.

This writer advanced the notion that the idiotic immature morons you find on the internet are unfunny because they are telling the same lame stupid tired jokes.

I'll buy that, as a corollary to my rant.

In real life you might take some trend from one group of people, introduce it to a new group of people, and be seen as clever. However you are not unique in having access to the internet, so unless you invented something or aren't that many degrees of separation from the place where it was invented, you should assume that tens of thousands of people have already beaten you to it. You don't want to be the 150,000th person to jump on some lame trend.

In practical terms, if anything you're contemplating saying appears on Encyclopedia Dramatica, in the Urban Dictionary, on Fark, on random blogs, or in the vocabulary of your nerd friends, the joke is probably at least two years old and you should avoid it. Often they're 5+ years old, being basically watered-down versions of SomethingAwful jokes that may once have been mildly funny but are now so stupid as to be ridiculous. Even if you happen to hit on a relatively fresh trend, these are sort of the dregs of internet humor, purveying the most insipidly insipidly boring versions of "edgy", "random" humor, analogous to getting your rebellious, noncomformist fashion from Hot Topic. And of course, the only thing worse than humor that gets repeated so much that it's no longer funny is humor that's repeated a lot despite never having been funny at all. This is worse than saying "pwn" out loud, so don't do it.

Lame, Unfunny Net Morons

Seems to be a spot on observation, I say.


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