Monday, September 17, 2007

I Thought Right Wingers Were Against Welfare, and for Free Markets???

Ok, and before I get into the sales pitch here, what I have really been thinking about since last night, is this. Even if I think that the idjits who deny that we are involved in Iraq because of the oil there, are idjits (I mean are they the only oppressed nation that is being prevented from its democratic destiny? Gimme a freak'n break.) I can cut them, and I mean the dumb clucks, not the ones who should know better, just a little slack.

And to be clear, I am cutting only the tiniest bit of slack. I mean there really could be adult-aged people in this country who do not appreciate the fact that the BEST way to make money in the oil business is to NEVER touch the stuff. Just make a nickel or dime, or even better, a dollar, off each transaction of a barrel. Low overhead equals more profit. But that is not even the real point, here.

Anyway, here is the other tiny area of misunderstanding that I am willing to grant some tiny amount of slack over; that pesky fact that the USA does not really import Iraq oil. Ok. Now if you are one of those unsavvy people who thinks that the fact that Iraq oil does not get shipped here in some great and meaningful way negates that the oil resources of Iraq are CLEARLY the largest reason our misguided misfit leaders got us into that war (instead of all that bullshit about liberation and democracy), GO BACK and read what I just said about low-overhead, high profit taking by making money on the transactions with out touching the stuff.

Wassa-matter withyew? Don'tchaknow what Arbitrage is? How about brokerage? If not, go rent that Eddie Murpy movie, "Trading Places," and look for the scene where the greedy old coots explain brokerage to Billy Valentine; "So what you are telling me is that no matter if your clients make money, you do?" "Exactly!" Not that I am saying that an Oil Brokerage works exactly the same as a general commodities brokerage. Anyway . . . .

Here is the real point, the real deal here. Let us (those who need to, at least) accept the following facts:

(a) The Global Energy Market, specifically Oil, is truly global, meaning, a screw-up in one large Oil Exporting Country affects the world market, and that can mean all people all over the world, and

(b) even if we as a Nation do not drink off Iraq's teat, so to say, much, trouble with Iraq can affect not only the American Oil/Energy market, but as the fluctuations of the Energy Market can affect all other markets, from Agr., to Mfg., to housing, to retail, to shipping, to even the amateur porno market, and that means that

(c) hmmm, EVEN IF we are not getting a pay off in lower gas prices from invading Iraq, that does not mean that the bastards who got us involved in that shit were not trying to (in their iddy biddy minds with their weak skills) prevent what they assumed could be future disruption to the World Oil Market.

We will never know if they actually fawked it up more, but ya know? I can't see how The World Oil Market is in better shape now than 5 years ago. But then again, I am not making a living either brokering oil trades or exploiting the difference between spot markets like the arbitrageurs. I am just aware of the fact that it is very good work, if you can get it.



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