Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Apparently, She Doesn't Know Shit About Psychology.

 Ann Althouse, the blogger I call OWL, is at it again.  Within the past few days, I called her out for the grievous error in assuming bozo, the ex president, behaves like a rational person. I say that because he has a well documented record of behaving irrationally.  Or at least like a bratty, bully child.

Her latest failure to grasp the most easily understood psychological truth?  That other people not only can and do think differently than she does.  That there is no reason anyone should think as she does about many things.

This incident involves her posting about the 28 y.o. 

Dutch Woman Chooses Euthanasia Due To Untreatable Mental Health

The Owl's own remarks to my mind, shows a total lack of ability to emphasize.  Now in my past, I was a family court lawyer.  An I had so many clients with mental health issues, I know from having seen it myself.  Severe mental dysfunction is really a thing of suffering.  

Euthanasia is legal in Holland.  Her docs says there isn't a damn thing they can do for  her  (except maybe pump her full of the kinds of drugs that will turn her into a zombie, and keep her as a zombie for ever.)  She says her life is unbearable.  And I believe her.  Never minding for now, the type of toxic personal entitlement to believe one has the right to judge someone else's mental suffering?  It's the taking of the personal medical, and making that a matter for public comment, I am more decrying, here.  Yeah.  It's a news story now because, reasons.  But I want to say that this is why I believe personal medical choses belong to that person, only.  I don't think Owl is making any public policy argument here.  Her wrong is in thinking her opinion about this means shit.

Now for my ugly experience with someone with BPD.  She was prone to performative self harm,  Playing with razor blades on her arms in a way guaranteed not to kill her.  And her emotional turmoil was of the kind, that I totally believe she lacks a real conscience, and enjoys fucking other people over. 

She not only yet lives,  Her job is being a public defender for the mentally ill.   Isn't it ironic?

But yeah.  Way I understand it, lots of people with BPD never learn to embrace the evil.  More likely it is they just can't cope with the chaos.  I go back to my premise.  People don't all think the same.  And other people should not have to experience what I have, witnessing a full blown mental meltdown, to get that.

I had a client who's Bi Polar Disorder meltdown in open court, was so ugly and raw, some of my fellow layers came over to me and comforted me.  Cause family court lawyers know.  All we can do is encourage our more dysfunctional clients to keep with the treatments, and ask the docs to change the meds when they don't seem to work.  We were more helpless than the doctors.  And when the doctors say it's a hopeless case?  Damn.  Just damn.

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