Thursday, November 30, 2023

He Might Not Be an Idiot, But

 Sen. Kennedy plays one on TV, and in The Senate, and for the rubes back home.

I could believe he really is not possessed of average intelligence.   But I have to concede he might be the best at deliberately playing the past.  Anyway.

He was doing his usual tissue paper thin depth of a line of questioning on the Dean of the Yale School of Public Health.  Some such.  Over the past couple days.  In response to her well supported, and reason based, well articulated answer,  he brushed aside all she said.  He dismissed it as word salad.

Word salad is not sentences conveying ideas, and facts, and realities your political bias will not accept.  Asshole.

In theory I get playing dumb to get Republican votes.  But his act at playing dumb, if that indeed is the case, is entirely convincing.


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