Friday, September 30, 2022

Mean Republican People Suck.

And so does people who sympathize or otherwise condone GOP meanness. 

Let's talk about mean girls for a moment.

Not as a hard and fast rule, but I suspect mean girls grow up to be Republicans.  Likewise, for the sick children who admire the mean girls.  They are less likely to grow up to be Republican politicians, pundits, or just well heeled supporters.  They grow up to be the broke assed trash who support the GOP against their own financial interests.  

Such as, getting all excited about the culture war bullshit.  Which for the most part, really doesn't materially affect their lives.  But they vote for the people who give tax breaks to the rich, to corporations, and let the corporations make the workplace more dangerous, and pollute their towns, and give them and their families horrible illness, and shit.

But . . . .own the libs!


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