Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Fake! Fugazy! Fiction!


Call this a follow up to last post.  The stupid shit a lot of MAGA Republicans believe, from election deniers, to vaccines will create zombies?  It's all fucking stupid.  I totally disagree with Althouse.  When we treat looney tunes delusions as if they have any validity at all?  We demean reality itself.   I am just going to briefly mention my favorite mini book of all time:  

"On Bullshit."  by Harry Frankfurt.

If as he argues, bullshit is particularly damaging to society, than raising looney tunes delusions to the status of views that might deserve serious treatment?  Well no wonder shit is currently so fucked up.  Having full blown malaria is now to be considered same as being healthy? That is my metaphor.  We suffer greatly as a society when we normalize pathology.

I don't think the  looney tunes delusion needs be as obvious as believing in lizard people, to be called out for being evidence of pathology.

Fuck all that crazy assed shit.

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