Saturday, March 20, 2021

Who The Fuck Wants To Be That Person?

 So I had a draft post ready to publish, about a certain lady blogger who complains about stupid shit, stupidly.  And I was trying to make the point, that people who complain about stupid shit with the sense of entitlement that people should give a fuck about their complaints about stupid shit, are tiresome.  Well dull.

Who wants to be that person?

And even if I was being more judgmental than complaining?  I deleted the text, and never posted.  I did not want to set myself up for a attack saying something like you are just complaining about her complaining.  So I let it go.

Granted, rant as a performance style is mostly thought to be a product of 1980s comedy.  But it is an old line of business, in the performing arts world.  I have a degree in Theatre.  I know shit.

And before I let you go.  Who wants to be that person?  The whiny Karen?  But I might be asking the wrong question.  Who can be exposed to that shit and think, ya.  Gimme  more of that shit?  That is the better question.


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