Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ann Althouse's Biggest Problems Dealing With Reality.

1.  That as a self identifying blogger, she fails to grasp her complete irrelevance to the universe.  Well, let me down grade that to relative irrelevance, as

2.  "Publishing" what one thinks and believes is like boldy proclaiming to the world:


 So whining about being  judged about the opinions  you express in public, is the telling sign of a not only weak person, but one with a weak mind.  JMO.

If I want to hear Gloria Gaynor sing  "I will Survive,"  I can find that shit on You Tube.

(I have seen her sing this live.  Lucky me.  But I digress.)

Anyway, go here   for Althouse's whiny reply to her critics.  She will not be silenced!  Her Noise Is Important!

Again. and this is JMO.  But if there is any thing the world has no use for, at all, is self important, whiny-assed bloggers.  You have a credible, real job.  Now you don't have to embrace that is the most important aspect of your identity.  But embracing your role as a blogger?  Thinking that the shit   (and I do mean that word in context) you publish on the Internet matters more than dog shit? 

That's creepy shit, lady.  Opinions are like assholes. We all got 'em.

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