Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year End Review.

Now on paper, 2012 was not the best of times nor the worst of times for me.  On balance, it was an OK  year at best.  For me. Personally.  A little bit better than 2011.

However . . .  nationally?  Andrew Breitbart's black evil heart gave out on him.  That fucker is dead.  Praise Jah!  And 4 more years of Obama  in the White House.  And the GOP is weaker  (as an institution) than it has been ever!  Conservatism is seeming more and more like I have seen it for years, to more and more people.  A bunch of insane lying  monsters.  A movement that is doomed to die under the crushing weight of it's own evil.

And beyond that, it's been a shit year for some of my enemies.

Not a bad year at all.

Happy New Year, All.  Except my enemies.  Fuck you btiches, if you are on that list.


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