Thursday, December 27, 2012

Survived Another Xmas, Yea!

Not that that thing . . . . event is all that brutal. But for a single, no kids, non believer, Xmas  is  all, "What the fuck is everyone so excited about?"  For me at least.  Fuck it.  I say that in the I am not opposed to it as a rule, but fuckit  I can take it or leave it, sense.

Personally, I think of it as the Saturnalia Season.  That's the way I roll.

Anyway, now comes the holiday I actually like: New Year's Eve.

New Year's is all about optimism, and looking forward, even if we look back a little  over the year past.  Point of the holiday is what is coming next.  Not what is immediately  or distantly past.

And Xmas is more neurotically  chained to the human often-perversity of  adhering to "Tradition."  Even if most folk don't really understand the origins of the traditions.  (Again, I'm the guy who thinks of the season as Saturnalia Season.  I know my origins of traditions, bitches.) 

Now I do follow some of the few New Year's Traditions.  Particularly  the champers.  Got to have champers.  Caviar too, if I remember.  The idea in enjoying  prosperous people food is to start the year off right, hoping for  increased prosperity in the new year, and to be able to continue to afford to live the good life.

But I do at least one of the rituals to bring the luck.  I'll skip on the ham hocks.  But I will have my Black Eye Peas.   And some greens.  That's for New Year's day, though.


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