Monday, December 31, 2012

My Internet Year in Review.

(Hey  it is one way to get to a point I have made in the past.   Humor me and follow.)

My hate - hate relationship with the Internet continues.  I view the Net primarily  as the delivery conduit for data, and what is still a fucked up, inadequate means of communication.  (But Skype is pretty good shit.)

Honestly, as much as I am not a fan of typing to communicate, I am a bigger fan of cell phone texting than Net texting.  Mainly, that is because if I am cell texting it's with someone I know in the real world.  Not some lying ass  fucking  Net Personality.  Turns out I have finally changed my cell plan to accomodate the increased  text traffic  I am having.  It's just the way things are now. 

True,  I blog here, still.  This is where I vent.  And I am something of a FB whore.  Mostly that is me forwarding the fun pics and ecards I see.  And posting video of songs I like.  And some lower level venting.  And yes, keeping up with my peeps.  And something like 90% of the peeps on my friends list there, I already know in the real world.  So I am not really having to deal with the one particularly much sucking aspect of the Net I fucking hate;  lying assed fucking Net Personalities.

And great news for me  this past year!  The one last remaining Net Discussion Forum I participated on, abruptly closed months ago.  And I mostly don't miss it.  Granted, I have to live without my favorite pet peeve related activity.  My peeve is redneck racists (getting really particular there.)  And the activity is calling out these racist rednecks for being racists.  But honesty.  That really hasn't been giving me much pleasure  anyway.  So  Bub-bye to that.  The only thing about not being on a board anymore that I actually  miss?  That would be the fun I used to get from bragging about parts of life to some obnoxious rednecks, just to enjoy their demented, idiotic reactions.  But for that?  Message Boards are some of the most fucking creepy  shit on line, that does not involve fetish sex.  Or cults.

Now I am sure there are some insane, fucking creepy motherfuckers out there,  who if they learned they were dying might be thinking,"Oh shit  I wish I had more time . . . for my Internet . .  (fill in the blank.)"  I could feel sorry for anyone like that.  In theory.  But I think they are so fucked in the head they don't deserve even if only my pity.

If I knew I was about to die, the last thing I would be regretting was losing  Net time.  I would be pining for time spent with family  and  (real world) friends.  And going to the ballet,  and opera, and enjoying other real world art things.  Fuck the Internet.  Fuck anyone who doesn't know it's not really a virtual world.  It's just a data pipe, a cloud, and a bunch of remote access points.  The community aspect of it is fucking fake.  But you know what they say.  Some people dig that fake shit.

So I wrap up my 2012 Internet review by saying the following.  Fuck the Internet, people.  go out there and deal with the real world!  You don't have to interact  (much) with actual peeps if you don't want that.   I get that.  People get on my last nerve all the fucking time.  But real life, real world experiences  are more  . .  for lack of a better word, real, that all that fake fucking shit.

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