Sunday, December 23, 2012

Althouse Says Something So Stupid, it Burns!

What's worse?  Sloppy, lazy thinking, or flat out ignorance?  Well both at the same time is flat out worse.

Anyway, Ann Althouse has a habit of posting and commenting about some rather mundane news "items" that serve as her shiny object of the day.  Today, she posted about a story from the NY Post about the end of a Christmas caroling tradition.  The tradition began when a certain home in NYC belonged to composer, Irving Berlin.  And at one point, after he died, the building became Luxembourg’s UN consulate.  And the tradition of letting the carolers come in and sing in the ballroom continued until this year.  But it had to end because the ballroom is stuffed with extra office equipment for additional staff at the consulate.  That is because Luxembourg has won a seat on the UN Security Council. 

Her ignorant reply to that fact?

"Security Council?! That's the excuse?"
Now I must confess that I know people who do or have worked for a UN Mission.  And I am aware of  the fact that getting on the Security Council is a very big deal.  How big?  Fucking Huge  big.  It's not a mere matter of throwing your country's name in a box, or some random selection.  Nations  campaign for that.  They budget for that.  They have brochures  printed up, they buy swag to give away.  They throw extra parties.  They assign staff to the campaign, and do what ever they have to in order to do the usual work, and additionally put in the major effort to get that seat.  As far as the UN goes, for the non permanent  members, getting that seat is the ultimate in prestige, and influence, and power, at the UN.

When I use the word ignorant, I mean in the 'does not know what one is talking about sense,' when I say she's pretty damn ignorant, she has no fucking idea what she is talking about to think, say,  and or argue that some stupid-assed, one day a year cookie and singing party means more than a seat on the Security Council. 

Ok.  That covers the ignorant part.  Let's not forget the sloppy, lazy thinking, part.  At one point in her post she says: 

"You'd think the traditional would be so deeply internalized that they would never let it go."

Using that  "you'd think" is really dumb and lazy and one of those  huge warnings:  "Lazy Sloppy  Thinking  Coming Next."  What she should have said is that "she"  thinks.  It is pretty obvious that "they" did not think.   And I am not sure who is the "you" she was talking about, but it is a safe bet that many of the people who would qualify  would not agree either.  I don't know.  It's a pet peeve of mine I guess.  I hate really lame arguments, and lazy, sloppy thinking.

Anyway.  Go here to read that stupid shit yourself. 

Let this be a lesson to you all.  Do not speak out in public  (or on line) about shit you don't really know about, says the man who has a literal swag bag from one of the other UN Mission's  campaign to get on the Security Council, this year.  It's not a bag full of swag (although at one point in time it likely had additional swag in it.)  But the bag is a tote bag, and in of itself swag.  It has the campaign logo on it.  Ya.  The campaign had it's own special logo.  That fucking big a deal.

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