Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are Some Religions More Equal than Others? No. Actually. Ya Bastards!

Top Religious Leaders Denounce Growing Anti-Muslim Sentiment; Express Support for NY Mosque, Community Center

Challenge Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin To Stop Exploiting Fear

August 11, 2010

More than 40 prominent Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders and religion scholars issued a statement today condemning the "xenophobia and religious bigotry" fueling the increasingly strident opposition to a proposed Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero. These leaders from New York City and across the country are specifically challenging the divisive rhetoric of Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, who have strongly opposed a center that will promote interfaith relations, combat extremism, and offer community programs for Americans of all religious backgrounds.


Remember kids. I am not against all religion. I am against religious bigots and any attempt to un separate church and state. Ya buy your property, you build your house of worship or what not, and as long as you do not do anything that reasonably can be seen to disturb the peace, and do not expect either the gvt. or any other people to give a rat's about your beliefs? Then that is fine by me. Do your thing. Keep that shit to yourself, but do your own thing with out fear of interference . . . . as long as you keep that shit to yourself.

Problem with the way the Christo Fascists are acting is that they, the same knuckle heads who essentially argue that the mere fact other people hold different opinions on the validity of their beliefs is oppression? The same hypocrites who argue there is a war on Christianity because some of us do not want to see or hear their shit on any gvt. property or see it enshrined in law?

These same shit for brainers now think they get to say which of other religions get to locate their venues? Fuck a duck. These people are disgusting.

Oh. And what is the deal with Harry Reid? I have not read the articles yet -- just saw the headline. In advance of that, I say:

Dood. Either you believe in the free exercise clause or you don't. Either you believe that all religions are equal under the law, or your don't.



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