Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Meg Whitman is the Most Stupid Rich Person in the World.

She spent 99 million of her own dollars to try to become Gov. of California?

I don't care how good a job she did running EBAY. Gov. of Cali is not worth anywhere near that sorta dough. I mean? Doesn't she live there? Doesn't she know how deep in the shit the whole state is? Does she really think she is so brilliant (while still a political novice, actually) that she can turn that shit around and run for and win the White House?

Fuck a duck!

Shit. For way less money I could (not that I am in this line of business) finance a takeover of any of a number of tropical countries. Hell. I think (but I would have to contact some sub contractors and get their bids) I could hand over Venezuela for under $50 million. Gimmie a break!


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