Monday, December 29, 2008

Quickies, and Follow Up . . .

First, the follow up to the RNC ("R" is for racist) wanna be chair's CD. Now the clever imps over at TMZ have dubbed the disc,"The White Album." (It is an easier joke to get, for those of us over the age of 45, and remember the Beatles.)

Peter Yarrow, coauthor of the song that forms the basis for the racist fantasy song chimed in on the debate, over at Huffpo. I paraphrase when I say he was horrified.

I did see one story about the flap titled "Nobody's Laughing," but I bet (*gratuitous pot shot as Sociopathic Succubus Sarah, edited out*).

Changing topic, the Iraq Body Count project released data showing civilian deaths (due to violence) are down, just as a car bomb exploded near a bus stop in the Iraqi capital, killing 22 people, and wounding 54, according to the Associated Press. In a separate incident, a car bomb killed three in a town south of Baghdad.

Don't you just love the good news out of Iraq. I am shocked that the tourist trade hasn't picked up yet (not.)

Lastly, for now (I reserve the right to amend) the Eagles make the playoffs. Now they can't possibly win the Super Bowl in the same season the Phillies won the World Series, right? That is impossible, right?


Yes, we have Additional Matter, for today. This likely does not need a new entry as it will turn out to be more quickies, although, with a theme. And to kick it off, props to the ever intriguing Pan Hellenic Peasant Goddess Arianna Huffington (she does refer to herself self-depreciatingly as just a Greek Peasant Girl, sometimes.) Her list of 2008: Things She Wants To Forget serves as the example I will follow (although I might do a more full solong 2008 post later.)

And I agree with her list, in toto, but for the following (but not all inclusive) list of additions and amplifications:

Not only Dick Cheney's views on Water boarding, but his most recent statement on not understanding why he is unpopular. Aww, hell. This is me. I will be blunt. I want to forget that someone who is as colossal a dick as as Dick is, can actually not get it, that they are in fact a total, colossal dick. Naw. Not even close. I don't want to forget it as much as I want him to finally understand how much of a dick he is, and for him to feel very very badly and ashamed about it.

In addition to Ashley Todd and Sarah Palin's mythic real pro America parts of America, the Palinistas, including Obama bumper sticker on the stuffed Monkey Man, "Kill Him," Man, "Terrorist," Man, "He's a Muslim," Crazy Lady, the racist trash who would not vote for a black man on principle, all the Pastors in all the churches who told people either they should vote for "Team Maverick," or that they would go to hell if they voted Dem., and even the sad fact that that ole Archie Bunker Era "He's a commie/pinko/socialist," line of garbage had a resurgence in popularity like it has not in 20 years. (Just for the record, there are two main political Parties in the USA; the Responsible Capitalist Party, a.k.a. the Democratic Party, and the Irresponsible Capitalist Party, a.k.a. Republican Party.)

I know I am getting long here, so I will just say EVERYTHING having to do with Sarah Palin; the woman is to my mind the mental equivalent of Malaria. I despair that I will ever be rid of the malignancy.

Republican liars who pin the economic/financial melt down on the Congressional Democrats. Talk about inappropriate scapegoating, and these peeps have no clue how derivative markets work, and keep forgetting that the derivative markets were basically not regulated at all.

And that leads to Republican crazy liars who say that there was too much regulation of the markets.

And that leads to Republican crazy liars who condemn government and extol the virtues of the free market, saying government messed up everything, even if it was the free market itself that made all those bad decisions and really awful investments in basically speculative if not basically imaginary derivatives, and now it is the government that is actually in a position to rescue the free market from its own bad decisions?

And that leads to Republican crazy liars who bitch and moan about union line workers. They really suck so badly I can not express how much they suck in a matter of years of days.

I am going to stop there.

No. One more thing.

2008 was yet another year that GW Bush failed to capture and or kill (through his administration) Osama Bin Laden. So thanks for nothing, Bush.

Don't let the door hit you in your ass on your last trip to the Rose Garden as POTUS.


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