Friday, December 19, 2008

Ok. So I Have Been Working on a Religious Post, for the Past Few Days.

And I believe I made some good points, but honestly, none were new. So I deleted the post.

Instead, let's mock Sociopathic Succubus Sarah (ahh . . . . it is such an easy thing to do, I know. It is the intellectual equavalent of Comfort Food.)

Ok. The latest news is not so much directly concerning Succubus Sarah but her government.

Have ya heard about the patently obviously racist emails floating around the Alaska Gvt. servers?

Alaska officials are investigating racist jokes about President-elect Barack Obama that have been circulating on state government e-mail accounts.

Three of the racist messages were confirmed by the state's information technology division after an electronic search of the government's e-mail system, Administration Commissioner Annette Kreitzer said Wednesday.

"It's embarrassing to the state," she said.

Kreitzer said she alerted the office of Gov. Sarah Palin - the failed Republican vice presidential candidate - about the e-mails.

Bill McAllister, Palin's spokesman, said in an e-mail that the matter concerned individual actions taken by a handful of state employees among thousands.

"My understanding is that the Department of Administration is following up on this with the individuals who took action to forward the offensive e-mails," he said. "This is, of course, a confidential personnel and disciplinary matter that has nothing to do with the governor's office."

The Rev. Alonzo Patterson said he's heard Palin make several positive comments about Obama since the election.

But as Alaska's top official, the governor would be wise to address the anti-Obama e-mails distributed by state workers, said Patterson, a Baptist minister who also is state chairman of the Alaska Black Leadership Conference.

"They're doing that in a state setting," he said. "She should condemn it."

My comment: well, since she has already proven to my satisfaction that she is a racist, I am not in the least bit surprised that fighting racism in her administration is such a low priority that she has not used up one stinking minute to condemn this.

More Succubus Sarah related news. Her daughter's allegedly soon to be mother in law busted for six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance.

Hmm. Now you might think that would make for an awkward Rehearsal Dinner. Imagine the toast. Levi's dad gets to say something like "Sherry wishes she could have been here, and God knows, I wish she were here to plan the damn thing. What the fwk do I know about throwing a party but fer bring'n the beer and the guns? But as we all know she can't be here because my son's bride's momma's thug cops busted her and tossed her ass in jail. Hey bartender. Make sure the Palins pay for their own drinks, damnit."

Ya. Life happens.

Lastly, for Succubus Sarah related banter, I mention the absurd comparisons being made between Caroline Kennedy and Sarah Palin? My God, what stupidity.

Let's consider just a few of her good points. She is not a racist. She can pay for her own designer wardrobe, and can shop for herself at any fancy NY store (hell, she definitely knows where the good boutiques are, on Madison and Park Avenues too!) No sane rational person would have a hard time imagining her to be the smartest person in the room, even if the room was a randomly chosen room of college graduates. Not only can she name several U.S. Supreme Court cases, she wrote two books on Constitutional Law. She certainly knows that South Africa is a country. She knows better than to wink at the TV camera during a debate. She may have been so cute at age 10 that she inspired Neil Diamond to write a song about her, but she is enough of a serious and purposeful adult that she will definitely not resort to acting cute to get attention/votes.

She does not know how to kill moose. She does not know how to field dress a moose. She likely never has even tasted moose chilli, leave alone makes the shit.

You could trust her to translate the menu in a French Resturant, pick the wine, and you can be sure of having some very intelligent converastion with her about art, science, literature, popular trends, government, law, philosophy, ect.

Not only can she find European countries on a map, but she has visited many of them.

She would not make a comparison of herself to a female dog in public, even as a joke.

And I could go on with the serious or sarcastic points, but Ms. Kennedy is no lightweight. But as an observation, I find it disturbingly humorous how rank and file, dirt under their nails, uneducated Republicans question the qualifications and fitness for elective office of trained lawyers. Lord knows, the one thing law grads are usually well qualified to do the first day out of law school is be a legislator. That is because that for most lawyers, the most time they spend studying actual laws is the three years in law school (unless their career is one where they are deeply involved in either the legislative process, or need to spend a lot of time keeping up with the specific laws that concern their sub field.) Again, Ms. Kennedy is no lightweight and she is well up to the job of being a U.S. Senator. That does not mean I say she is better qualified than the others who want that open seat, but she does have a resume and experience that makes her selection a very rational choice, even without the Kennedy name. Hell I would trade my resume for hers, any day of the week, no doubt!


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