Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Must Confess That I Am Not Full of the Christmas Spirit This Year.

I'll resist taking the bah humbug point of view, but I am not feeling the goodwill towards men, mostly on account of all the bad will (and awful behaviour) I have seen and read about or seen on TV or the net this past year. If we kept score in terms of Real Christian Goodwill vs Skanky Nasty Trashy Selfish Meanness, I would say that Skanky Nasty Trashy Selfish Meanness won the year, 2 to 1 (Just here in America.)

But a boy can hope, can't he? We all can hope (assuming we are not on the Skanky Nasty Trashy Selfish Meanness team) that next year will see a noticeable improvement.

I am not holding my breath, or betting any money on it, though.

In any event, have a merry what ever it is you choose to celebrate.


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