Monday, December 29, 2008

Alaska Governor Officially Grand Ma Ma of a Bastard.,,20245389,00.html

How like the perfect example of Redneck Royalty she is.

Like I said months ago, if this (*edited out*) low class, backwoods, Moose eater in a borrowed designer suit ever gets to National Prominence by virtue of office, the USA will be officially the nation of Reality TV Trailer Trash.

So say I.

Edit to add:

Isn't it weird Bristol Palin named her kid after one of her brothers (or at least with the same weird name)?

And I honestly believe that these backwoods rubes do not even know that "Tripp" is a nickname for someone who is styled Bla Bla the Third?

What sort of person would take the numerically based nickname for third in a series of males of a bloodline with the same name, and give that as the proper name to a child?

And I will answer that question; an ignorant person.

Hell, someone should write a sit com based on these moose eaters. But the irony is, the reality will likely prove to be even stranger than the fiction a bunch of Hollywood and/or New York writers could dream up. Afterall, the Hollywood and New York writers are more normal than this family is.


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