Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Some People Are Just Too KooKoo Coca Puffs

 Loathsome?  Some blogger I will not identify any more closely  save for the tag thinks it is loathsome for FNC to continue to pay that white supremacist  while keeping him from doing the TV kinda thing during the remainder of his contract.

The mother fucker signed the contract.  In return for shit loads of money  he bargained away his chance to do the TV kinda thing with anyone else during the operation of the contract.  That is about as fair as it gets.  Loathsome?  Hardly.

And the motherfucker makes 35 motherfucking millions of dollars in a year.  So over the course of the next 18 months  the motherfucker will earn over 50 million dollars for doing nothing at all.  Or for doing what ever the fuck he wants during that time.  Anything but the TV kinda thing.

I want that kind of loathsome job!  Most people on the planet would!

Before I hit publish.  I just remembered one of favorite bits from that show "Moonlighting."  The office staff go on strike, and the ridiculous chant they use, with David leading the thing, is, "No work  and pay!"

Nothing loathsome about that, if you are getting the featherbedding deal, and legally.

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