Sunday, May 14, 2023

Regarding That Subway Strangler

 That is how I wish people call him, if not by name.  The murder loving white supremacist scum are calling him a "Good Samaritan." As if Christ Lord's intended purpose in telling that parable was to encourage people to strangle other people who were distressed, acting out, and rude.  By the minimum requirements they think justifies killing?  What about the threatening and seemingly imminently violent crowds at a bozo rally?  

Anyway.  Old white lady is sympathetic to murderers now.  Granted, he got charged with manslaughter.  But the facts support criminally negligent homicide, as well.  I checked, and ironically, the Man. 2 charge has a far longer maximum sentence:  15 years instead of 4.  So what ever about the term.

In brief, I want to live in the world where people are chicken shit about taking the law into their own hands.  Like the line in that movie says.  "People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals."

I really don't think people are smart enough to make good decisions under those kinds of circumstances.  Anything less than intervention to stop an ongoing and obvious violent crime should never be sanctioned by law.  Never mind the too dangerous choice of risking killing by strangulation by wrapping you arm around another person's throat for any fucking reason.

There are reasons even police departments are banning that shit.

Here is a screen shot from old white lady's last post about the story.  At least one poster call out her pro murderers post.  The bit in italics is her pro murderers bullshit.

PS.  I am a frequent rider  on the NY subway.  If someone annoys me.  I switched cars.  Last time some one individually cursed me out was on the platform.  I kept on walking.  I did not engage.



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