Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Way To Miss The Point! Twice In One Day!

Before I go to there?  I am currently too occupied with the will bozo be indicted and arrested story?

On my Bingo card?  Not only yes, but I am hoping for as I have been calling it, the mystery felony.  I win Bingo if he gets indicted for either witness tampering, another finance felony unrelated to Stormy, or as sugggested by some talking head yesterday?  Maybe a tax fraud charge.

Now to the things behind the headline. Althouse misses the forest for a single tree, twice, as she gets all ohh  shiny thing about two articles, today.

Fist she posted about the NY Times story how bozo has been saying  he looks forward to  getting perp walked, so he can put on some show.  Criticize them or any of the MSM for reporting that shit as news.  Yeah.  But in her mind,  the issue is bozo is playing with them?  And deserves her genius tag because in  her mind, she leads me to believe, it is genius to be a pathological liar who always lies?


And her other weird take is this article about how the word narcissist has fallen into common usage by lay people.  I read the article with a mind of someone who has done a lot of research on that shit,  And even if I could have recited from my own knowlege, the good and useful part of the article?  Althouse promotes the shit part.  And by shit I mean the reference to bozo, and Musk,  and selfie culture.  That is the part she copy pasted.  Not the part about how there is (according to current practice)  a spectrum of narcissism that ranges from heallthy to psychopathic.  Don't ignore the distinctions!

There really was nothing new for me in the article.  But what I will say  but not spend time worrying about?  Why was she so taken by the article, specifically the part about two well known (as far as media reports go) pathological narcissists?  Nothing new there regarding the two attention whores mentioned in the article, so?  Things that make you go hmmm.  I think.


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