Sunday, March 12, 2023

Unhinged From Facts and Reality.

 I plan to zoom out to the meta level.  But first.  

This if from a thread on the old white lady's blog.  The context is a story about how some white supremacist, sexist, bozo appointed Federal Circuit Judge was protested, at a lecture at Stanford law.

A MAGA judge showed up to give a lecture, at Stanford Law, and was surprised the majority of students there deeply despised him?  Sure there is judicial ego in play, but what was the white supremacist, sexist, MAGA judge thinking?  Was the fucker looking for a fight?  Anyway . . .

Even if the protest was defused by the DEI dean, even if it took 10 minutes.  (And to her credit, the old white lady sides with the dean.)  Turns out the dean slowly led the malcontents to the idea . . .

if you don't want to sit here and be minimally respectful?  Please leave the room.  

My summation of her words.

Afterwards,  this master of the universe, egotistical, white supremacist, sexist, MAGA wrote a cranky letter about wanting discipline imposed on the staff and students.  An expressed desire to retaliate against the protestors, and people who did not kiss their ass isnot a good look for a Federal judge.  I call that grounds for a disciplinary complaint, if not a disqualification from office.

Just to complicate things, the president of the upper level instutution, Stanford U.,   jumped into the controversey.  Apologizing on behalf of the law school.  But not the point.

The snippet above is from a poster on the old white lady's blog thread, reporting the Stanford U. president's getting involved.  

Unhinged from reality, this post, when you think about how so many of the GOP are waging full on cultural war against DEI, CRT, Black and browness, accurate colonial and post colonial history.  They are trying to shut down, by law, all the shit that is not their shit, seems.

But to this, and other rabid MAGA twits, they are innocent!  The world is out to get them!  And the reason they are at war with everyone else is because everyone else is at war with them first!  Daring to think and live differently than traditional white right minded GOPers!  It's an insult!  It's  disgusting!  It's personal!  It's war!

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