Saturday, January 21, 2023

Resistance is Futile. Maybe. Likely.

 I live under several delusions. Often, I believe, that if only it gets said one more time, and to the right people, that conservativism is inherently evil, because maintenance of tradition is a maintenance of oppression of those people traditionally oppressed. We can finally end it as an actively followed philosophy. Things will get better.

As well, I believe, sometimes, that if we could only remind people of the truth. Our collective ancestors were not good people. By and largely, the leaders were dangerous psychopaths. And because of that, they are the worst people to use as role models. And after that, things will get better.

And sometimes I believe that if only we can show people, here in America, that exerting power over people because you can, or because you think you know better how they should live, is as unamerican an idea as is possible. And if we just do that, things will get better.

Lastly, if only to keep from going on too long. Sometimes I believe that if I can only get the right people to see that the root cause of social problems often is people feeling entitled to do whatever they want to other people. We can end a lot of misery and harm. And things will get better.

None of those are new ideas. It’s the same old fight. And I am tired of the fight. Just saying.

I sat down and started typing with the intention of doing a rare bit of serious writing worth submitting for an op ed, or the like. But even before really starting, I saw the futility in that. But you can best believe the next time I chat with a congress critter I will encourage them to go after the GOP as if is an existential threat to the rest of us. Because those self-entitled, evil fuck faces are.

But I won’t say fuck faces. I'm too classy for that..


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