Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Yo! Ann Althouse! Are you a retired law professor, or some Fox News zombie?

 Let me directly quote the insanely idiotic shit she posted today about the legal philosophy camps, I am a decades old member of.  The Vance in question is that skank a slore running for senate, who was recently called out in the press for  . . . . deliberately, with intent to mislead and deceive, coming fucking close to accusing P. Biden of deliberately getting trailer trash hooked on fentanyl.  His quote:

"It does look intentional. It’s like Joe Biden wants to punish the people who didn’t vote for him and opening up the floodgates to the border is one way to do it." 

Her fentanyl addict-esqe defense of him: 

"Vance's reason is the same kind of reasoning that Critical Race Theory analysts and radical feminists use to find systemic racism and sexism. You hypothesize that those in power achieve nefarious goals by adopting policies that are superficially neutral but have a disparate impact that is intentional. That's something else you learn at Yale Law School."

No. No.  Fuck no, ex professor of Constitutional Law.  Let me school you, woman!

Critical Legal Studies, at the most simple, nutshell level says . . . 

"Our government was formed by rich, powerful men, to favor them and people like them.

Critical Race Theory at the basic level adds, "And they were all white."

And the feminists say, "Did you miss the part they were all men?"

All are really less academic legal theories (at core) than they are rational observations of Sociology, particularly in group vs out group biases and preferences.    Yes, there is more to it.  But at their core they are saying . . . .  you set the car seat and the mirrors settings, to favor your legs and height and preference, not other people.

I am not gong to call her a dummy, but . . . ?  

I actually heard a law professor say that in class to a student, the one time.  Hilarious.  My best moment in class with him was the time he gave me only half a star for my answer. Shit. I became a star for that.  Volunteering for judgement,  and getting half a star?  I built  a reputation for being fearless!  But I digress.

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