Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Kudos To Althouse, for a change.

 She got close to calling out some of her scum bag white supremacist fan bois, racists.

The issue was over the new and Black WH press secretary.  I mean kudos, for getting that close to what I would call a Captain Obvious moment.  

My default is to assume Republicans are white supremacists, or at least enablers.  History has taught me there is no point in thinking otherwise. So the idea that a bunch of Republican would be hyper and nastily critical of the new press secretary because she is black?  Did I mention history already, here?

Nevermind the Republican alternative reality, where whoever calls any of them racists are the real racists.

I suspect Althouse knows she the Queen Bee of a hive of white supremacist scum.  So she, I guess, treads lightly on those matters.  Not to mention that even if Black and brown folk in America got to let some white supremacist bullshit slide un remarked, as otherwise we would not have time to do much anything else.  I suppose a lot of white people let shit slide because they don't want to lose friends and family, and shit.

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