Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Alito's Reason For Overturning Roe: Decline In 'Domestic Supply Of Infan...

A reminder.  Critical Legal Studies stands for the idea that the rich powerful men who created our government did it to favor them.  And Critical Race Theory  (apologies to Professor Bell and the other CRT Academics)  says, and they were white.

Joy and her guests keep on talking about how this is about power  And that is true.  But my message still is this.  It is literally the job of SCOTUS to protect we the people from the rich white men who want to exert power over us.
That is, if the constitution and the idea of inalienable rights have any meaning.  

Sad to say it, but thanks Alito.  You prove everything we CLS an CRT adherents have been saying is true.  You and your gang of four deserve to be arrested and sent to jail for life for seditious conspiracy if not treason as well.


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