Wednesday, April 20, 2022

How do I credit Althouse here?

 There is this current story about how some intolerant, bigoted, evil, bozo loving, Q Anon following, claims to have been there for the putsch on 1/6/21, internet troll-bitch had her anonymity stripped by some real (digital beat) journalist.  As expected, the other intolerant, bigoted, evil, bozo loving, Q Anon following internet troll-bitches are crying foul.  As journalists are not supposed to do that, tell the facts, and shit.  In what world?  Their group psychosis driven one!

I will credit Althouse for the post about this substack piece that to my mind well describes the game these right wing trolls are up to.  I consider Althouse to be a sort of troll herself.  

She is also high on the list of people I believe need to ask themselves:   

"Is it possible you are not even half as well informed as you believe, and as well not even half as intelligent?"

I am telling myself not to even peek at the "Mardi Gras vomit, mixed with pig shit."   that is the usual "gross" output of her trollish minions, in the comments section.  I am really trying to cut down on shit that is likely to hurt my pretty brain.  But if you are interested in an essay  (she calls it a rant) about how the GOP/Nazis are basically at war with the traditional press, and are promoting an all bullshit, all the time policy?  Then give this essay a read, I suggest.

PS. I read something quoting FL Gov. Ron DeSantis aping bozo, at least with a broad trollish remark about the traditional press, today.  We know this has been the game for a while.  It pre dates bozo, but it is more the norm for these rachet creatures than ever before.

They Know How Journalism Works! They’re Just Against It!

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