Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Baby Boomers Should Know Better. The Free Speech Movement

 Of the late 1960s was not about some radical, absolutist interpretation of free speech as a right.  It was about college students fighting bans on political activities on campus, and protesting a war, and protesting racism, sexism.

It was regular people challenging institutions.  It was not about everyone being able to talk about anything they want, anywhere, anytime.  The First Amendment is a rather limited thing regarding speech.  And those kids back in the 60s were fighting institutional if not government limits on their political speech.  And that is the kind that is most protected under the First Amendment.  

Some retired baby boomer, Constitutional Law professor, should know that much at least.

Ann Althouse.

I'm ten or so years younger than her and I remember the real movements were the Anti War, Feminist, and Civil Rights movements.  And the talk about free speech was tied to and in service of all that.

Edit to add:

"It's interesting how much free speech the opponents of free of speech already have."  -- Ann Althouse.

"If you are trying to make a case that anyone needs more "free speech,"   you have not met your burdens of pleading, proof, or persuasion.  You fail on all counts."  --  Me.

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